Jubilee Sticker Pictures from the Celebrations of the Queen's
70th Platinum Jubilee in Willersey
      Jubilee Sticker

Church Service Bench Blessing Photo of Parishioners Saintbury Church Race Recreation Party Children's Races Celebration Picnic Decorated Houses

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Pictures from the Celebrations of the Queen's 70th Platinum Jubilee in Willersey

UK Queen 70 Royal Coat of Arms

Pictures from Willersey's Celebrations of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee
Sunday, 5th June 2022

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Our exciting programme celebrated Queen Elizabeth II's 70 years of service as England's longest reigning monarch.

10:00 A Service of Thanksgiving and Commemoration in Saint Peter's Church.

Q70 Willersey Church decorated altar      Q70 Willersey Rev Scott

11:00 Dedication of the Jubilee Commemorative Bench in the Churchyard

Q70 Willersey Bench alone      Q70 Willersey Bench Blessing

We invited donations from Willersey organisations and businesses for this bench, sited in the Remembrance Garden, to commemorate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee. This bench provides a place to remember loved ones, for quiet reflection in a beautiful spot and a lasting tribute to the Queen’s long service thanks to:
Saint Peter's Church      Willersey Parish Council      Giddy Up!
SAL Electrical      The New Inn      Women's Institute      The Bell Inn

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11:30 Photograph of parishioners taken from the top of Saint Peter's Church tower.
Picture to come.

Listen to the sound of St Peter's Bells in celebration. (They were rung at least three times at different times.)
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12:00 Saintbury Hill Race Start and Finish in Church Street by the Jubilee Tree
Race from the end of Church Street to Saintbury Church and back. It is uphill out and downhill back and all along footpaths.

Saintbury Race Notice 70

Q70 Willersey to Saintbury Race Start      Q70 Willersey to Saintbury Race Competitors

Q70 Willersey to Saintbury Race on your Marks      Q70 Willersey to Saintbury Race off we Go

Q70 Willersey to Saintbury Race End      Q70 Willersey to Saintbury Race Winner

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13:00 Willersey'’s ‘Street Party’ on the Recreation Ground

Live music, fun and entertainment
Children's Fancy Dress:       Parade of Princes and Princesses

Q70 Willersey Fancy Fress Knight      Q70 Willersey Fancy Dress Kings Queens

Q70 Willersey Singer

Q70 Willersey Group

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14:00 Children and Youth Sports

Q70 Willersey Race medal

Q70 Willersey Rec Races 5

Q70 Willersey Rec Races 6

15:30 Parish Picnic

Q70 Willersey Rec 1      Q70 Willersey Rec 2

Q70 Willersey Rec 3      Q70 Willersey Rec 4

Q70 Willersey Rec 7      Q70 Willersey Rec 8

We decked out our houses with flags and bunting for Her Majesty!

Q70 Willersey House 1      Q70 Willersey House 2

Q70 Willersey House 3      Q70 Willersey House 4

A beacon was lit at Broadway Tower

Q70 Willersey Unlit Broadway beacon      Q70 Willersey Lit Broadway beacon

Platinum Jubilee: Her Majesty's Willersey Celebrations

Few of us can remember an England without Queen Elizabeth II as its Monarch. Many of us will never forget the event-filled, historic day on which Willersey joined the rest of the country in paying tribute to Her Majesty's seven decades of leadership and service to our nation, Commonwealth and people.

A damp Sunday 5th June started with a beautiful, well-attended Service of Celebration and Thanksgiving in Saint Peter's Church. We gave thanks for our Queen and the inspiration of her Christian faith and leadership in her role as the Head of the Church of England throughout the whole of her lengthy reign.

Immediately after, parishioners assembled in the Remembrance Garden, in the Churchyard on the south of Saint Peter's for the dedication by Reverend Scott Watts of our Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Bench. This was followed by a photograph, taken from Saint Peter's Tower roof, of parishioners gathered near the entrance to the Churchyard as a historic record of the day.

On great Willersey occasions, a tradition for the village is to send its fittest and fastest running. Over two dozen runners left the start-line in Church Street, by the Jubilee Tree, at midday on the Jubilee Day's Saintbury Hill Race. It seemed like only a few minutes before Harry Shaylor appeared from the gate of the Churchyard to sprint down Church Street to cross the finish tape first, with his father Nick, running in impressively, about twenty yards behind him. Nigel Foxall was announced as winner of the special prize for the fastest Parish Councillor.

All of our runners ran strongly and well to finish and all were awarded a participant's medal, with the winners of each class winning a cup. Nick and Jenny Shaylor provided refreshment and sustenance to our athletes with free bottles of their Gorsehill Abbey Farm organic milkshakes. At one-thirty pm, a parade of Willersey's youngest princes and princesses processed in fancy-dress from the Jubilee Tree, down Main Street to the Rec', to be greeted by our Jubilee Queen, Adine Keatley. A beautifully marked-out race track on the Recreation Ground was the site of the Jubilee sports, with full and enthusiastic fields of young competitors for the sprinting, relay, egg & spoon, three-legged and sack races. At three o’clock Saint Peter's six bells pealed out beautifully across the village. Half an hour later, with the children's sports concluded and prizes awarded, our Jubilee Parish Picnic was opened, with due ceremony, in the giant ring of gazebo and picnic pitches. Parish Council Chairman, Councillor Phil Bennett spoke of the Queen's reign and led three cheers for Her Majesty then Churchwarden Robert McNeil-Wilson paid tribute to her service and commitment and proposed the Loyal Toast. Our Rector, Reverend Scott, led the prayers before the singing of the National Anthem.

Jubilee Master of Ceremonies, Disco Dave Smith kicked a superb programme of entertainment off with the Beatles' Here Comes the Sun. Martin Hainsworth played a gentle, laid-back acoustic set as picnicers tucked into their feasts and raised a glass or two.

Reverend Scott and his wife, Ros, judged the competition for the best decorated picnic pitch, giving them a chance to tour the Rec' and speak to everyone. Jo Faulkner livened up the assembled parishioners and in the course of the afternoon, led them all in a couple of rounds of that great, Elizabethan tradition; the Pub Quiz. The crowd were delighted by the Main Street Band's performance which featured the superb, pure, professional harmonies of Akerman sisters, Libby and Charlie. Julie Wood rounded off the show beautifully, getting Willersey singing along with a collection of entertaining 50s and 60s songs. Despite the forecasts and worst fears, the rain held off. There was no sunshine on the day, but Willersey's Jubilee celebrations were blessed by absolutely every element of the event exceeding all expectations.      R M-W

God save the Queen!

A message from Her Majesty.

UK Queen 70 Jubilee Message

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