Willersey Eric Beadle Cup   

Willersey Amateur Horticultural

& Craft Show 2019

   Willersey Eric Beadle Cup   

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Willersey Village Amateur Horticultural and Craft Show 2019

Our “Horticultural and Craft Show” 2019 was held in the Village Hall
on August 26th Bank Holiday Monday (2pm to 5pm)
and many other separate activities took take place in Willersey during the afternoon.

Congratulations to the Winners.
* The Eric Beadle Cup for the best total exhibits at the Show was won by Peter Bond with an accumulated score of 43. Well done

eter Bond Winner Willersey Show 2019

* Mike Barnes was second with a total of 37 points. * Jane Ewers was placed third with a total of 25 points.
* The coveted Men's Cake Competition - a Willersey tradition - was won by Victor Snedden.

There were Plenty of attractions on the day:-

Horticultural Show      
Craft Show      
Dog Show      
Vintage and Classic Car Display      
Vintage Tractor Display      
Live Music      
Teas and Cakes in the Showroom      
Numerous stalls and attractions      
Children's Games      
Hand Bell Ringing      
Scarecrow Trail      

Your Show Committee
Chairman - Bill Payne
Committee - Sandy Barnes, Richard Ingles, Clive Lockyer,
                  Gillian Beale, Pete Kavanagh and Maggie Topp

Subjects for the Photography in 2020 section will be:-

Wild Places      
Industrial Landscapes      

Donated cakes went to Annie Payne or were dropped off at the Garage Showroom from 11am onwards on the day. Show Schedules were available from the Top Shop to pick one up and “have a go” and enter the Show.

Timetable of events:-

Horticultural Show Village Hall2 to 5pm
Craft ShowJubilee Room2 to 5pm
Dog ShowTop Green 2pm onwards
Classic Car DisplaySawpit Green2pm onwards
Vintage Tractor DisplaySawpit Green2pm onwards
Live MusicGarage Tearooms2.30 onwards
Teas and CakesGarage Tearooms2 to 5pm
Children`s competitionsVillage Hall2pm onwards
Grand Village RaffleGarage Tearooms2 to 4pm
Scarecrow TrailAround the Village2 to 5pm
Various Stalls and AttractionsMiddle of Village2 to 5pm
Hand Bell RingingGarage Tearooms3.15 to 3.30
Eric Beadle Cup WinnerVillage Hall3pm
Scarecrow Competition WinnerVillage Hall3pm

The Committee decided that all monies raised on the day, after expenses, will be donated to the Severn Free Wheelers -- a voluntary courier service for the NHS who attended the Show.

St Peter's Church Bells rang to welcome everyone, and open the Show at 2pm

“Everyone come along and join in the Fun”

Our Craft and Horticultural Show in 2018 was a really great success.
Our Craft and Horticultural Show in 2017 was a really great success.
Our Craft and Horticultural Show in 2016 was also a great success and despite the wet (English) weather so was our 2015 Show.

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