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Thursday 3rd February 2022
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Map of Campden and Vale District (Although not marked, Willersey is just beneath Saintbury.)

Map of Willersey in Capden & Vale district

Here is the result of the February 33 Campden and Vale Election.

Notice of Election on Cotswold DC website.

You must be on the electoral register to vote in elections. Registering takes around 5 minutes. You will need your National Insurance number (if you have one). The deadline to register to vote in the February 3rd 2022 election was Tuesday 18th January 2022. You could have used this service to register to vote and/or update your name, address or other details on the electoral register.

Polling Station notice       Polling Booths

The polling station is in the main part of Willersey Village Hall. It is open from 7:00am until 10:00pm. You do not have to bring your poll card with you but it is helpful if you do as it speeds up the voting process.
All voters are required to wear a face covering (unless exempt) and sanitise their hands on arrival. There may be a limit to the number of voters allowed into the station at any one time. Voters could also bring their own pencil/pen to mark their ballot papers if they wish individual pencils were available for those who didn't bring their own.

For the Cotswold District Council election Willersey voters have a choice between two candidates:-

LOVERIDGE Danny     Liberal Democrats
STOWE Tom     The Conservative Party Candidate

The count will take place at Campden School after the close of poll at 10pm on Thursday 3rd February and the result will be published on Cotswold DC website once it is known.

More information around the local election for 2022 is found at the Cotswold DC website

The Official Notice of Poll can be downloaded here or viewed below:-

January 2022. Local Conservatives are unhappy about the decision made by the Cotswold District Council to make town and parish councils pay elections. Conservatives on the council say these costs were previously absorbed by the district. David Cunningham, Fosseridge Ward councillor, said: “Town and Parish Councils are in dismay. “People are already suffering extraordinary pressures on their finances and there is uncertainty over the ongoing pandemic. This will hit residents in their pockets when they can least afford it. He added: “Several Town and Parish Councils have written to the Leader, but despite this it looks as though this administration is not listening to them and ploughing on with this ill-judged money grab which potentially creates a democratic deficiency. “Local Councils will find it difficult to justify to residents why their Council Tax bill goes up when there is nothing to show for it and they will have to hold large reserves of cash ‘just in case’, something that Gloucestershire Association of Parish & Town Councils actively discourages.”

Deputy leader of the District council, Mike Evemy, has defended the decision, which was unanimously passed by the cabinet. He explained that the Lib Dem administration asked town and parish councils to contribute to election costs for two reasons. “One, we are facing an unprecedented squeeze on our finances. Our Government grant for 2022/23 year is £228,000 lower with no allowance for inflation - and two, we believe it is right that Town and Parish councils should pay for their elections as happens across the rest of Gloucestershire. He added: “We set up virtual meetings to listen to the concerns of Town and Parish councils and subsequently agreed to phase in the charges to give them more time to budget for these costs. The Conservatives believe that the Council should behave like the bank of mum and dad and keep paying these costs. “Liberal Democrats recognise that town and parish councils are sovereign bodies with the right to charge their residents through their Council Tax for the services they provide. Elections are fundamental to their organisational structure and it is therefore reasonable to ask them to contribute to the costs incurred when contested elections take place.”

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